2018 Jul.  We established the sub-office in Luzhu Science-based Industrial Park is for developing Microstructure of 3D printed Mg plates with NCKU & ITRI research.
2017 Jan. Establishes Ting Sin Xiamen Leather Co.,Ltd.
2016 Dec. TING SIN formal entry into the field of medical treatment material of magnesium alloy nail for bone.
2012 Apr. TING SIN formal entry into the field of aluminum products.
2009 Jul.  TING SIN formal entry into the field of digital imaging products and consumer                 electronics products.
2008 May. WT22D get the best performance award.
2008 Jan.  VisBoard won Recommended Product Award in 2007.
2007 Dec.  2007 Silicon Valley power IT competition to the "Most Popular" award.
2007 Jan.  2006 Third, Top Ten Influential Brands.
2006 Dec.  "The digital age" in 2006 "Outstanding Brand" award.
2006 Nov.  "Modern computer" Annual Editors' Choice Award - TING SIN-WB9D.
2006 Feb.  PC DIY! Product Innovation Award.
2006 Jul.   37 "LCD monitor was awarded the the AV CHOICD Best Choice Award.
2004 Jul.   The TING SIN plasma / LCD display is officially sale in Taiwan.
2000 Sep.  Shuttle control color computer monitors round synchronization won the Korea                  Invention Patent.
2000 May.  Digital X-Ray protection device won the German model patent certificate.
2000 Jan.  "PC Magazine" TOP TEN world's top ten display Prize.
1999 Apr.  TING SIN formal entry into the field of plasma / LCD monitor.
1996 Dec.  TING SIN Co., LTD. has been publicly listed on Taiwan Stock Market, Stock                 Code 2358.
1994 Jan.  Asian Sources magazines evaluation Taiwan surveillance industry, and TING SIN in                 product quality and product innovation all first.
1994 Jan.   21-inch monitor by the Foreign Trade Association, "Taiwan Excellence Award".
1994 May.  Acquisition of ISO9001 certificate.
1992 Jun.  17-inch multi-frequency color monitor was awarded the first prize of "PC Magazine"                 Editors' Choice.
1991 Jan.  15-inch multi-frequency color monitor re the first prize of "PC Magazine" Editors'                 Choice ".
1990 May.  14-inch dual-band color Super VGA won the first prize of U.S. computer magazine                 "PC Magazine" Editors' Choice.
1988 Jun.   TING SIN with the Acer Computer Co., Ltd. signed a technology transfer contract.
1987 May.  Establishment of TING SIN Co., LTD. was established mainly to the                  production and sale of monitors and computer peripherals.