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Dividend Policy
Dividend Policy
The company's annual accounts are subject to the current total net profit, should cover the losses, the second on the balance set aside ten percent of the statutory surplus reserve, according to the law and make provisions set aside special reserve or rotary after plus the beginning of unallocated as a surplus after surplus available for distribution, subject to operational requirements and to retain all or part of the retention period depends on the distribution of the board of directors in accordance with the following proportions proposed allocation case, brought by the shareholders will agree:
First, the remuneration of directors and supervisors of not more than five percent.
Second, the employee bonus of not less than five percent.
Third, the remaining dividend to shareholders.
Dividends before entry staff to allot shares, its objects must include compliance with certain conditions of subordinate employees, the employee objects, and the distribution ratio, by the Board separately.
The company’s  dividend policy is based on current and future development plans, consideration of investment environment, capital requirements and competition conditions at home and abroad, taking into account factors such as the interests of shareholders, and when distributing dividends to shareholders, it can be achieved in cash or stocks, including cash dividends. Not less than 10% of the total dividends.

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