Welfare System

        1. We established the Employee¡¦s Welfare Committee which supplied each welfare items, for example: Wedding ,Funeral and new year gifts, Hospitalization, Birthday and Childbirth Subsidy or hold regular events.

        2. We also set up dedicated dep. for Staff education and training. Besides arranging different training classes according to need of different work dep., we also encourage employee to join other refresher courses for self-fulfillment.

        3. To maintain employee¡¦s physical and mental health, we hold health examination every year.

Retirement system

        1. According to the Labor Pension Act,we allocate the 6% percent of the monthly salaries or wages of each staff member or workers to the Employee's Individual Account of Labor Pension.

Working Environment and Safety Measures

        1. Free Annual Health Examination.

        2. We establish the occupational safety dep. that the main work is in charge of planning, conducting, supervising, reviewing and improving of the internal of the plant and health. Make sure to be in accordance with laws and regulations of the Government.

        3. Labor and health insurance system: In order to safeguard employee¡¦s rights and interests, the company also adds the Labor Insurance and health insurance coverage to employees according to the regulations of Labor and health insurance laws.

        4. Group personal accident insurance- In order to safeguard employee¡¦s personal safety at work, the company add the Group personal accident insurance coverage additionally.